Holliston Town Hall

Built in 1858, the Holliston Town Hall Building has been nominated to be included as part of the National Register of Historic Buildings. It is located in the town’s central Thomas Hollis Historic District.

Gienapp Design was selected as the architect for the exterior restoration of this wood-framed building with wood exterior finishes. For this project our office conducted a detailed exterior survey to identify the existing conditions and determine the proposed scope and techniques of repairs. This survey was performed from the ground, the Town’s aerial lift, ladders and with limited test openings.

The project included replacement of selected areas of the rusticated lumber siding of the ground floor. This siding was fabricated of 2 ¼ inch thick Eastern White Pine to match the profile and species of the existing siding. Approximately 60% of the flush-board siding which is located above the first floor water table was replaced with custom-milled tongue and groove siding also made of Eastern White Pine to match the original species. Through an agreement with Massachusetts Historic Commission (which holds a deed restriction on the property) the projected trim elements such as belt courses and window sills were replaced with Spanish Cedar (more durable than the currently available Eastern White Pine).

Due to the history of chronic pane failure, this project included stripping the paint from the entire exterior of the building below the cornice line. This was particularly challenging as the original paint was a sanded, milk-based paint that had been applied to imitate a stone treatment. After numerous chemical tests which demonstrated the paint could not be removed through chemical stripping, the paint was ultimately removed by mechanical means of a micro adjustable surface planer.

The project also included replacement of the roofing and attic insulation; new downspout system; and improved exterior lighting.

This project was partially funded with Community Preservation Funds.